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VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression System

VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression System

FirePro’s VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression system offers fire detection and automatic or manual fire suppression for the protection of various types of vehicles. It works by detecting fire in the engine bay and promptly suppressing it using a unique, eco-friendly dual-extinguishing action (hybrid) system.




1. Control panel
2. Linear Heat Detector (LHD)
3. Stainless steel pipes of 12mm diameter
4. Nozzles & protective caps
5. Extinguishing agent cylinder
6. Fire resistant cable
7. Sounder / Beacon (optional)
8. Flexible feeding line
9. Container of solid compound

Various Engine Types Additional Features & Benefits
Buses/Coaches• Mining equipment 
• Service trucks • Construction equipment 
• Transport vehicles • Forestry equipment 
• Fire engine trucks • Waste handling equipment 
• Emergency vehicles • Material and cargo handling 
• Recreational vehicles • Agricultural equipment 

Refillable - Easy and cost effective to restore

• Soluble in water - Non-toxic & easy to clean after discharge

• Available in different sizes - Adaptable to various equipment & applications

• Pairable with different controllers - Several monitoring & control options


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